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Adrian Taylor, the creator of the Gentleman’s Counsel, is an inspiring young man from Gulfport, Mississippi. He is the youngest of four children between his parents Kenneth and Annie Taylor. During his written journey, he opens up about his life’s struggles while growing up with all odds against him, in the Deep South. His heart declares that God had a plan to break him down, to build him up into the man He needed him to be. Adrian has been through so much to be so young in years and is truly a walking testimony. His book could encourage the lives of teenagers through the adults young at heart; I believe anyone that reads his book will find motivation and angst to know more about his continual growth. It’s Already Written, and it is up to Adrian to continue to fill pages of his life with the ink of God’s Will for his life. -Sometimes we see the finished product but never witness the developmental stages. -

It's Already Written

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